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About the game

Temperia: Soul of Majestic is a competitive, fast paced and strategic card game.

The particular style of play totally open cards, the use of two decks in one consisting of 20 Creatures and 20 Equipment are details that make Temperia unique in its kind.

In each game, players will draw 5 fixed creature cards and 3 equipment cards from the 2 decks. After using the single piece of equipment, another one will be drawn.

The presence of creature abilities, elemental powers and elements on the 9-space game board, will give the game itself a continuous and always exciting variability.

Here you will find updates, news and special content.

Temperia: Soul of Majestic
Temperia: Soul of Majestic
Temperia: Soul of Majestic

Temperia will be downloadable from Steam and playable on PC and Mac, later also on iOS / Android.

Developed by the independent Italian company Moonwolf Entertainment SrL and mainly conceived by the minds of the 2 founding Game Designers Enrico "Wolfillupo" Fedoni and Dario "Moonryde" Ferracci.

With the help of the Polish development company A2 Softwork.

A2 Softwork

Published by the Italian company Leonardo Interactive.

Leonardo Interactive
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